OS "Squat/Leg Day" Black Tee Shirt

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If you want to Star in our next OSBBC.com video commercials on Social Media, RX Muscle, Digital Muscle Media or Nick's Strength & Power... now is your chance! Everyone is eligible...this is for anyone that wants to be in the ads. Just shoot a clear video with decent sound.

HOLD YOUR PHONE LANDSCAPE NOT PORTRAIT! Email  the video to service@osbbc.com. Include your name and IG Handle.

  • Wear this Tee Shirt on Leg Day.
  • Film the last few reps of your hardest set of Squats showing the back logo (I want it hard ugly!)
  •  Rack the bar, turn to the camera (close in on face) and say the slogan
  • "Leg Day.... where Champions are forged from IRON."
  • "OSBBC.com"
  • I will edit the best ones together to make a few 45 second ads
  • I will add your IG handle to your video segment