Olympia 2021 VIP Bundle #2 with Trucker Hat

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Mr. Olympia 2021 VIP Bundle #1: with Trucker Hat


$98.00 value for $85.00 US plus Free Shipping in the Continental US

When the individual tee shirts go On Sale they will not be discounted.

The Black Long Sleeve is an Olympia VIP Special Item. It may or may not make it to individual sales. Inventory is limited.

Milos and Sid from RX Muscle are big fans of the long sleeves. I really just made the long sleeve to stop them from bugging me about them. Figured I'd run a few extra for those of us that also like long sleeves! It's HOT!

In VIP Bundle #2 with Trucker Hat you get...

1 Olympia Signature Graphite Black Tee Shirt

1 Olympia Signature Black Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

1 Old School Zero Black Trucker Hat

(Graphite Black is like a Charcoal Grey)

We have pre staged the VIP Bundles. You pick your size and your HAT. The Tee Shirt and the Long Sleeve will be the same size. You are selecting ZERO Black Trucker or Zero Black Dad Hat. We can add other items to the box off the website in various sizes. The individual Olympia Tees and Long Sleeves are not available yet.

 Anyone attending the O@theO that wears our Olympia 2021 shirts at the event will be able to purchase an Exclusive Tee Shirt for Old Schoolers for $15.00 at our booth. Just come up to see us wearing your Olympia Shirt. Jeff and I haven't finished it yet...but its HOT!

Olympia @ Orlando

Old School @ the Olympia...

As Shawn Ray would say it... "O @the O Baby!"

Train Hard... BE ELITE!


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