About Old School Bodybuilding Co

In 1975, a relative unknown called Arnold Schwarzenegger won his sixth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in front of a few hundred people in Pretoria, South Africa. Upon receiving the Sandow Trophy, he took the microphone and announced his retirement from competitive bodybuilding.

Old School Body Building Clothing CoTwo years later in 1977 two filmmakers, Gaines and Butler released a docudrama loosely based on the 1975 Mr. Olympia. They called it “Pumping Iron.” That film introduced Arnold to the world, brought bodybuilding into the mainstream and changed the lives of millions worldwide.

The 25 years following the 1975 Mr. Olympia was the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. The lessons learned in the 60’s and 70’s were improved upon in the 80’s and 90’s and the physiques told the story.

Our brand honors that history and those athletes that taught us all to train harder, push farther and dig deeper - both in our training and in our nutrition. Many of our logos say, “established 1975.” That’s not about our Company. It’s about that “Old School” drive Arnold had to be the best in the world. To train harder than anyone else.

Old School Body Building Clothing CoIf you are the hardest training athlete in your basement or garage. You are “Old School.”
If you wish your fancy fitness center was a Hardcore Gym. You are “Old School.”
If you are the only person at your gym that knows there is a competition today and it’s to see who is going to train the hardest. You are “Old School.”
If your discipline of choice is CrossFit and you train harder than everyone else in your gym. Oh yeah, you are “Old School.”
If you have a belt, lat straps and chalk in your gym bag, you are “Old School.”
We want you wearing our clothes!